Main Topics

Advanced Cellular Therapies
  • Will allogeneic CAR-T cells revolutionize immunotherapy?
  • Exploring the advantages of CAR NK cells over CAR-T cells
  • The promise of CAR-induced pluripotent stem cells (CAR-iPSC T cells)
Immunotherapy Management
  • Strategies for preventing and treating CRS/ICANS in older patients
  • The role of cytokine dosage in managing CRS
  • Addressing pulmonary complications after CAR-T cell treatment
Innovation in Immunotherapy
  • Tackling target heterogeneity and widespread expression in CAR-T cell treatment
  • Unraveling mechanisms of relapse in immunotherapy
  • Understanding the significance of CAR-T cell persistence
  • Exploring the value of point-of-care development
Specific Approaches
  • Autologous HSCT as a platform for immunotherapy
  • The current landscape of dual CAR-T cell therapies
  • Allogeneic HSCT as consolidation after CAR-T cell therapy
Disease-Specific Focus
  • Targeting solid tumors
  • Advancements in AML immunotherapy
  • First-line treatment strategies for relapsed DLBCL?
  • Multiple myeloma: timing and approaches